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Come watch Jim Harbaugh get lei'd


Undoubtedly, Jim Harbaugh is unafraid of any physical challenges, let alone something he's done all his life... a quarterbacks challenge.

Accordingly, I see no reason not to bestow my blessings upon Nick Rolovich's latest musing on Twitter.

Hawaii opens the 2016 season at the Big House. I suggest we set this event 15 minutes before kickoff to ensure the stadium is at capacity before kickoff. To up the ante a bit, I'm proposing a rather simple wager to accompany the competition. In keeping with tradition, if Coach Harbaugh wins, he will present Rolo with a freshly pressed pair khakis. If Rolo wins, Coach Harbaugh must roam the sidelines all game wearing an authentic Hawaiian Lei. I mean, you know a big crowd will show up to see if Coach Harbaugh will get lei'd.

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