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Commercials we'd like to see coaches make


There are two things Washington State wants you to be aware of: it has the first organic egg program in the United States, and it employs Mike Leach as its head football coach. What better way to combine those completely divergent facts than this commercial? 

This made us wonder, what other commercials would we like to see coaches make? Here are our suggestions:

Mike Gundy's dance DVDs: "Am I a Man, Or Am I a Dancer?"

Bob Stoops endorsing Paul Finebaum's new book, My Conference Can Beat Your Conference.

P.J. Fleck stumping chocolate milk as a workout supplement. Oh wait, that already happened.

Bill Snyder selling Red Bull. Dana Holgorsen selling Taco Bell. 

Steve Spurrier and Dabo Swinney on conflict resolution counseling.

Tommy Tuberville hawking potato chips again.

Auburn Tuberville chips

And, of course, Les Miles selling corndogs.

What would you like to see?