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Comparing AP Top 25 to FootballScoop's Top 25


Preseason rankings are meaningless, and Week 1 rankings are only slightly less meaningless. Especially in the age of the College Football Playoff and its 13 wise sages on the selection committee, where one and only one poll truly matters. Regardless, the United States Constitution requires every outlet writing about college football to produce its own Top 25, and this site has no interest in defying Uncle Sam.

Scott released the inaugural FootballScoop Top 25 on Sunday, and the AP responded with its Week 1 list on Tuesday. Volatility is the name of the game in these early weeks. There's nothing worse than sticking to your preseason beliefs when results fly in the face of those preseason beliefs, simply because that's where you had them back when no one knew anything. 

We've placed the FootballScoop Top 25 opposite the AP Top 25, with Zach's comments on who got it right on the side. But that's just one man's opinion. Who do you think got it right?



AP Top 25





Florida State is the defending national champion, quarterbacked by the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, and in the midst of a now 17-game winning streak. After a neutral site win over a quality opponent, there was never a doubt that the Seminoles would remain here. 




What means more, a 10-point, closer-than-expected neutral site win over a Big 12 team, or a 49-point drubbing of an FCS patsy at home? That's not a rhetorical question, I don't know the answer. We'll know much more about Oregon five days from now. 




Based solely on what's happened on the field thus far - and that's what we're doing here, right? - I don't see how you can keep A&M out of the top five. Even if South Carolina 




48-16 over Louisiana Tech is about what everyone expected from OU, no?




A win in Eugene would be the most impressive thing anyone has done yet in this incredibly young season. Ergo, Michigan State is playing for a No. 1 on Saturday - at least in my mind.




Georgia took care of a top 15 team at home on Saturday. Stanford has a chance to do the same this week. 




I think Scott is in position to get this one right. If Michigan State beats Oregon, Sparty should be above the Tide. But that would require the AP to drop Alabama after a (presumptive) win over Florida Atlantic, which never happens.



Considering the national reaction after news of Braxton Miller's injury broke (which came after the initial AP Top 25 was released) I'm surprised the Buckeyes are this high. 




 A&M should be higher than ninth.




Right around here feels right for Baylor. Stick these Bears in the fridge and let them cool until that trip to Austin on Oct. 4.



UCLA at 11 feels too high.




Nice to see Everett Golson play so well in the opener.




Agree with Scott here. America seems to have forgotten about that awful first half LSU put together.




I find the mid-teens to be the toughest portion of the rankings to fill out. Too many very good but not elite teams vying for not enough spots leads to some teams being overrated and others underrated thanks to nothing else but the poll format.




Ole Miss is a tough team to rank. Are you ranking the team that played Boise State to a 7-6 score through three quarters, or the team that blew out the Broncos with 28 unanswered in the fourth quarter?




Scott is a little higher on both the Huskers and the Irish than the AP. 




Again, I agree with Scott here. Who saw a Top 10 (err, 11) team on the field Saturday in Charlottesville?




Scott left Wisconsin completely out of his rankings. Not sure I can get on board with that.




Scott and I disagree on Penn State perhaps more than any team in college football. We'll see.




Got to agree with the AP here. Scott is overlooking Kansas State.




Don't see how you can rank South Carolina right now. We need more data points on South Carolina. 




Credit to Scott here for having the courage to give the mid majors some love. Look at it this way: who isn't pouncing on the Rams +11 at Boise this week?




Florida State, Oklahoma and Clemson are the only teams where Scott and the AP voters agree. Naturally. 




Young QB, Holman, who played the second half against Penn State was exciting (see Winston, Jameis).




Hard to judge. Both teams deserve to be ranked.