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Conference USA inks TV deal with NFL Network

Counterintuitive as it may seem, it's become harder for leagues outside the Power 5 to get their games seen on actual television, at least TV as the lay person understands it. Sure, ESPN is happy to be in business with you, but more likely than not they're going to push you to their new streaming service, ESPN Plus.

Conference USA has experienced it, and so too have the Big 12 and the American.

Outside of ESPN-Plus, C-USA agreed last year to have its games shown on CBS Sports Network (a channel so small Nielsen doesn't rate it) as well as Stadium and Facebook.

That's why it was a big deal Monday when it was announced C-USA has struck a deal to have its games carried on NFL Network.

“While exploring new media options for football, NFL Network stood out as an excellent opportunity for national exposure,” commissioner Judy MacLeod said in a statement. “We look forward to showcasing our conference through their tremendous platform and reach.”

The 4-year contract will showcase a 10-game package, one game per week for 10 weeks. Specific games will be announced at a later date.

For C-USA, it's a chance to have its games shown on a channel Grandma and Grandpa can find on their guide. For NFL Network, it's a chance to offer live programming on a day that's otherwise a dead day on the NFL calendar.

“We are excited to showcase the next generation of NFL athletes to our fans on a weekly basis,” NFL Media COO Hans Schroeder said. “Our fans crave live football, and partnering with Conference USA – a conference which boasts several Hall of Fame players – provides us with an excellent opportunity to do so.”

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