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Video: "The cowbells have never been louder than right now"

The #HailState highlight video here from the Auburn game is so well done that you almost feel like you're there in Starkville for one of the biggest wins in program history.

You can feel the emotion in this one from the get go, with College GameDay's Chris Fowler pointing out, "This is the state of Mississippi's moment. The epicenter of excellence in college football. The spotlight never brighter, the stakes never higher, the cowbells never louder than right now."

After the highlights from the game, with the win over another top 10 opponent in hand, the camera pans to an emotional Dan Mullen, who goes from hugging a member of his staff with tears in his eyes, to parading around the stadium with his daughter in his arms and his fist in the air just enjoying the moment.

It's a moment that fans of college football won't ever forget.

This one is really well done. Close your eyes, because this one takes you to Starkville.