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Craig Bohl pinpoints the exact moment he knew he was ready to be an FBS head coach

Ask first time head coaches and coordinators if they can pinpoint the exact moment when they knew that they were ready to take the next big step in their careers, and I have a feeling you'd get a variety of answers, but one of the most prevalent I've heard through conversations with coaches is "You can never really fully prepare yourself because a lot of it is learning as you go."

Well Craig Bohl, one of the most successful FCS head coaches of the modern era with three straight national titles and a 104-32 record as the head coach of the North Dakota State Bison, shared the exact moment he knew he was ready to take on an FBS program in a piece Bruce Feldman released today.

In the piece, Bohl pinpointed their dramatic 24-21 victory over Kansas State to open the 2013 as the pivotal moment in his head coaching journey. 

"That gave me a firm conviction that this model will work at the FBS level, and it's probably time to move on," Bohl explained.

"I have a great deal of respect for Coach (Bill) Snyder, and I thought, 'OK, this formula works. We're gonna do everything we can for this football team, but the stars are probably gonna align for me and my chapter at NDSU is probably gonna come to an end.’"

Just in case the season opener from 2013 is too far back in your rear view mirror, highlights of that game are included below.

Not every coach is lucky enough to have that "light bulb" moment where the stars align and he sees his future coming into focus, so it's interesting to hear a successful coach like Craig Bohl share that moment with everyone, and being able to actually watch the video and know exactly what was going through Bohl's head is a really cool experience.

Read the full piece, with a lot more insight from Bohl, here.