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Craig Bohl: "Young people have not changed..."

Craig Bohl points out are young people are driven by the same things they have been for the longest time, but it's their environment around them that's guilty of changing.

Craig Bohl is in his fourth decade as a college football coach as he enters his ninth year as the head coach at Wyoming.

Bohl spent a good chunk of his career on staff at Nebraska (1995-2002), before taking over the North Dakota State (FCS) program and building them into the perennial power they have become. He won three national titles in his final few seasons leading the Bison before leaving for Wyoming prior to the 2014 season.

As a featured speaker for the AFCA recently, Bohl touched on the belief that young people have changed. But as he explains, young people are still looking for the same group of things they always have, it's the environment around them that is changing.

Bohl explains if he had a quarter for every time he heard someone say that young people have changed, he'd be very wealthy guy. 

"Young people have not changed."

"Here are some things that I know about them: They still want to be shown what they can become. They want to have someone who has influence and who they can have trust in to show what they can become. They want to have somebody believe in them."

"To do that, you've got to get to know them. One thing that I have found through the years, and have sometimes fallen short of this bar, but players don't çare how much you know, until they know how much you care about them."

"They still want to be held accountable. Sometimes this is a challenge because some of the environments that some of these young men have been in, there has not been a lot of accountability. But deep down inside, those young men want to be held accountable."

"They still want to be loved. That's a word that we don't use enough in college football, or in coaching as a whole. They still want to be loved, and even though they may have these tough, strong exteriors, deep in their heart, they want to have somebody that loves them."

"What has changed is the world has changed around them. The world has changed significantly. I'm 63 and the world has changed significantly in my life time."

Hear more from coach Bohl in the clip.