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Creating a culture within your position group - Zach Kelley | Cedar Hill HS (TX) | RBs coach

Zach Kelley, the running backs coach at Cedar Hill HS (TX) joined us on Monday to kick off our FootballScoop Online Clinic.

Coach Kelley shared his thoughts on CREATING A CULTURE WITHIN YOUR POSITION GROUP.

Catch his full clinic talk, and some relevant clinic notes on his presentation, below.


  • Make your position's brand authentic to you.
    Give kids some ownership.
    Allow them to come up with it.
    Giving them ownership helps it become part of the position group's DNA.
  • Instead of full speed reps, we use the term "game reps" to signify full speed
  • Find a way to reward big plays without the football like blocks, carrying out fakes, etc
    Put Gatorade, or donuts on the line during practice to turn the competition level up a notch
  • Own everything within your unit. Be the head coach of your position.
  • Make sure your process is authentic to you.
    Align the values of your unit with the core values of your program.
    Brand it with a hashtag
  • You know you're making progress in your position group when players are using the language that you've created
    Don't overlook the importance of body language...use it to communicate personal and team pride.
  • What does your meeting room look like. You can tell how much a coach has put in by how they sit in the meeting room. Cedar Hill HS (TX) RBs all sit together. They’re all attentive when a coach is talking. That’s pride. You know you’re on the right track when they’re doing it with their actions.

Some of my favorite quotes from coach Kelley's session:

  • "How do you spell love? T.I.M.E.
  • "Players are like snowflakes, all of them are different."
  • "You've got to tell your story, or someone else will."

Check in here for rest of the day's planned speakers.

Thanks, and stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.