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Creating an intentional culture with Randy Jackson of North Forney HS (TX) - Part 1

North Forney HS (TX) head coach Randy Jackson joined us Wednesday afternoon to talk culture and leadership.

Instead of the clinic setup we've used the past several days, we decided to have more of a back-and-forth conversation about culture and related topics.

Jackson, who has published two books and has a ton of personal online resources out there for coaches and programs, shares thoughts on the importance of that first meeting with your new team or position group, books and other leaders that have shaped his view on culture, and a whole lot more.

A few things I picked up from the conversation with coach Jackson include:

  • Why your daily goal should be to "fascinate kids every day"
  • One key way to separate yourself in the head coaching process
  • Jackson's view on why culture isn't as embraced as the latest offensive or defensive scheme
  • What kind of alignment you should look for when applying for head coaching positions
  • How you should pick core values
  • How a conversation with an FBS head coach shaped how Jackson instituted his core values at North Forney HS.
  • How to allow players to pick the team's core values, while you "plant the seeds"
  • How assistants can instill a culture within their position group

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Check out Part 1 of our talk with coach Jackson's below.