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Creating and sustaining a championship culture with St. Thomas (D-III - MN) head coach Glenn Caruso

St. Thomas (D-III - MN) head coach Glenn Caruso joined us for a brief presentation followed by a conversation on culture and leadership earlier today.

Caruso talks about their story at St. Thomas beginning with taking over a 2-8 team and some of the processes and core values they've instituted that has been critical to creating the national powerhouse that they've become.

A few of my favorite points from our conversation with coach Caruso:

  • Why stubborn is a trait that they look for at St. Thomas
  • The trait they're willing to overlook measurables for
  • Why process > goals
  • How the roles of Belief, Personnel, and Scheme have changed drastically for him over his coaching career in regards to how they play into successful programs
  • How he leans on others to do a true self scouts of himself and his program as a head coach
  • The Golden Circle and understanding its role in sustaining a championship culture
  • The layout of the 4-year plan he went into his initial interview with St. Thomas with...and what happened when year 5 came around

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Check out our conversation with Caruso below.