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A creative hack to magically revive one of every coaches most treasured resources

Over time the primary method of coaches sharing ideas has evolved from chalkboards to the whiteboard, and now the computer. Almost every coaches office and staff room now includes a white board and an array of colorful markers.

Few things are more frustrating than having an exciting idea you're looking forward to sharing and popping open that whiteboard marker and pressing it and moving it on that smooth white surface only to get nothing to show up. That marker goes to the trash and you grab another one hopeful it has some "juice" left in it.

...but what if there was a quick way to revive those markers that seem dead?

That's where this viral video comes in to revive those dried out markers you encounter from now on in every coaches office and classroom.

Who knew it was this simple? And all it took was a curious mind to Google it instead of the million other football-related things coaches like you and I spend Google-ing.