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Currently unable to practice in their county, SJSU is taking practice on the road

The return of fall football for Mountain West schools was a welcome breath of fresh air for every league school hoping to still take the field this fall.

However, for San Jose State, it presented a unique problem. Santa Clara County health guidelines currently prohibit them from practicing.

So they had two choices: cross their fingers and hope that Santa Clara County amends their guidelines quickly so they can practice together as a team, or take their practice somewhere else.

They chose the latter, and decided to move the team to 323 miles north to the campus of Humboldt State (D-II - CA).

"We are happy to support a CSU family member during a time of need. Their success is our success," said Humboldt State Athletics Director Jane Teixeira in their statement. "Our department and incredible university partners have made this a priority to support SJSU while ensuring we provide a safe experience for our faculty, staff and students. Humboldt State is looking forward to hosting the Spartans. A big thanks to all those on campus who are working together to make this happen safely–they're stepping up big time."

If the Humboldt State name rings a bell, it's likely because of the controversy surrounding the school cutting the football program back in 2017 citing financial problems. Back then, one notable alumnus shared the leadership issues at the school before the head coach resigned just months later and shared in his resignation letter what was really happening behind the scenes with the football program and university.

About 135 members of the football program will make the trip while players continue their fall 2020 classes online with tutoring, and advising opportunities offered remotely. The SJSU team will be housed in on-campus housing, and all players and staff will be tested before leaving for the Humboldt State campus and once a week after arrival until the Mountain West releases their further testing guidelines.

SJSU and other Mountain West schools will play an 8-game schedule starting October 24th with conference championship week scheduled for December 19th.

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