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D-II program creates personalized patriotic helmet decals for every player to honor family who served

I've always been a vocal proponent of the programs that, in an effort to show appreciation for our military, do more than simply changing the fill of their logo to something red, white and blue.

Back in 2016, Arizona hit it out of the park when they decided to honor the military by wearing USS Arizona themed uniforms where every piece and detail told a story.

Very rarely does a Division II school bring something unique enough to the table that it catches our attention, but that's exactly what D-II powerhouse Northwest Missouri State did when they created a custom stripe for every player that suited up for them Saturday.

On the front part of wide stripe going down the middle of the helmet is custom to each player, showcasing a family member of theirs who has served in the military. The words you can kind of make out in the background are the names of 94 family members of players who have served.

This is a really cool idea, and very well thought out and executed by NW Missouri State.