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D-II program explains why they've spent the winter working on getting players to "shut off" their mind

The football program at Humboldt State (D-II - CA) has been in their fair share of headlines over the past year or so, mostly revolving around the administration's lack of support and miscommunication about the football program.

Put all of that to the side for a moment and take in this video about their winter workouts. The video grabs your attention right off the bat with the following statement:

"Your brain is your body's central regulator, and it is designed to shut you down at about 60% of maximal effort. It's protecting your body from going beyond what it is capable of doing."

"So what we're trying to do with our winter conditioning, is to get our minds to shut off, so that we can push through that 60% threshold. With the work capacity, and the work ethic that these kids establish in the spring, we're going to push through that all the way through the start of the 2018 season."

I'm clearly no scientist, but that's a really interesting way to approach off season work.

Check out the full video.