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D-III program has decided to drop football

Three seasons ago Occidental (D-III - CA) decided to end their season early because of a lack of available players available. That was the one of the first public signs of difficulty for the program.

In a release, the school notes that they spent the past three years weighing the fate of the football program.

This afternoon the school, which is completely remote this semester due to COVID, announced that they have made the decision to discontinue football, effective immediately citing the "substantial financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic" as one of the reasons behind the decision.

Via the release from President Harry J. Elam:

“We maintain an unwavering commitment to athletics as a critical and necessary component of the Oxy liberal arts experience, and we fundamentally believe in maintaining strong and well-supported athletic programs,” Elam said in a campus email sent after players and coaches had been notified. 

“Only after very careful consideration and a thorough review of past planning efforts, as well as with the deepest regard for the context and history of football at Occidental, do we make this decision,” Elam said. “As difficult as this decision is, we believe it is the right one for Occidental.”

The entire staff now find themselves in the unenviable position of finding new jobs, and players that want to continue their dream of playing college football will have to transfer somewhere to do so.

In situations like these, we always feel it's necessary to highlight the staff. Here is who is listed on the Oxy staff.



Rob Cushman

Head Coach

Ricky Lang

Associate HC / Co-DC / DL / S&C

Paul Herbes

Offensive Line

Jason Reyes


Devin Bullock

Wide Receivers

Andrew Tolosi


David Richardson

Defensive Backs

On coach Cushman and his staff, the release adds:

"Head Coach Rob Cushman and his staff have exhibited nothing but tremendous effort, dedication and professionalism and this is not a reflection on their efforts or actions. The same holds true for our student-athletes," shared President Harry J. Elam

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