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Dabo: “12-0 ain’t good enough? Then it’s time for me to seek other places."

Clemson won their fifth straight game over in-state rival South Carolina over the weekend in a 56-35 shootout. It was a performance that Dabo Swinney noted was probably their best offensive showing of the year, while also being their worst defensive outing.

While Clemson's freshman quarterback threw for almost 400 yards, and their defense gave up 510 yards on 32 of 50 passing from Gamecock quarterback Jake Bentley, fans weren't exactly quiet about their feelings about the game with the final selection for the College Football Playoff on the horizon.

During the ACC Championship coaches teleconference, Dabo took the opportunity to vent a bit to the fanbase voicing their displeasure.

' you people who suggest it felt like a loss, y'all need to check yourself too. I've been here 16 years and for all those people out there who want to complain about five wins in a row and by winning by three touchdowns, man that's shameful," he shared, according to Big Spur.

"I'm going to say it one more time: we've had eight 10-plus win seasons, we're 12-0. Third time in the history of this school we've won five state championships in a row. And when that's not enough for some people, that's sad. That's sad."

"There's been some articles pushed my way and some comments, I'm not gonna stand for that. Our program is not going to be like that. Our players work too hard. The goal is to win, period. I don't want to ever be a program...ever...that doesn't appreciate winning."

Dabo went on to note there are a ton of teams around college football that would love to be undefeated and be the program that Clemson currently is before dropping this bomb to the pessimistic fans out there.

"12-0 ain't good enough? Then it's time for me to seek other places. Make sure you get that."

It sure is hard to imagine Dabo coaching anywhere else, but when that one job he truly covets comes calling you can bet this moment will be brought up again.

See Dabo's full comments here.

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