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Dabo has five strong words for NFL scouts who don't think Deshaun Watson is a first-round pick

Deshaun Watson has been one of the most electrifying and exciting players to watch in college football the last few seasons since starting as a sophomore phenom back in 2014.

As a starting quarterback, Watson is an impressive 32-3 and will likely go down as one of the best college quarterbacks ever. Since 2014, the Clemson quarterback has completed 67% or more of his passes in each season, and the last two seasons has thrown for over 4,000 yards and threw for three touchdowns for every one interception. In 2015, he joined an elite 4,000 yard passing and 1,000 yard rushing club, and has rushed for nearly 2,000 yards and 26 touchdowns during his time leading the Tigers. On the biggest stage, against what some consider some of the best defenses in college football history, Watson was at his best.

Stats aside, Dabo Swinney has made it his mission to talk about Watson's intangibles as a player, person, and leader what seems like every chance he gets. All things considered, Swinney clearly thinks Watson is a unique player, and someone that will be a great addition to an NFL organization. Some believe he'll be a first rounder, while other experts think he'll stay on the board until the later rounds.

It should come as no surprise that Dabo has some strong words for NFL Scouts who put anything other than a first-round grade on his start pupil. Five rather strong words to be exact.

"They should lose their jobs," Swinney told Rich Eisen during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show. "That is absolutely the craziest thing. They don't know Deshaun."

"I can't tell you how brilliant he is as a football player, as a person, how impactful of a man and human being he is. He's going to change a locker room the day he gets there. He's just so driven, so humble, unbelievably understanding of his platform and his skill set is off the charts. He can do everything and anything."

"This kid put up 75 points and 1,060 yards on Alabama in the past two years. He's 32-3. His only losses are to Alabama in the national championship game where he had 550 yards, he lost to Pitt where he threw for 570 yards, and he lost to Georgia Tech and played 12 snaps and tore his ACL. This kid's a winner and he's one of the most poised human beings I've ever seen or been around in my entire life."

"That's why I don't pay attention to that stuff. I really don't," Dabo shared with Eisen. "I don't understand all that and it makes no sense to me when I see some of those things come out and then I see exactly what I know is going to happen, happen at the next level. This guy right here, I don't care what people say, he is the best of the best and that will prove to be the case when he gets his opportunity. He'll bloom wherever he's playing and wherever he gets taken he's going to be phenomenal, just phenomenal."

Hear more from Dabo on Deshaun in the clip. Earlier in the interview, Dabo talks about his thought process late in the game against the Tide, including the last drive.