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Dabo made a player bus home after punching a Louisville player

Clemson's road trip to Louisville went as expected. The Tigers flew in Friday, got a 45-10 win, then flew home Saturday evening -- with one fewer passenger than they arrived with.

Dabo Swinney told reporters that Tigers cornerback Andrew Booth, Jr., was not allowed on the team plane after punching a Louisville player as he laid on the ground during the third quarter of Saturday's game.

"He rode back on our manager bus. That's where it started," Swinney said, via ESPN. "The rest of it will be handled in-house."

For those scoring at home, that's a 438-mile drive that Google says takes nearly seven hours without stopping.

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Swinney dismissed Booth to the locker room before officials could eject him, and apologized to Louisville head coach Scott Satterfield after the game. He also said Booth apologized to his teammates, coaches and Clemson AD Dan Radakovich in the locker room after the game.

"What happened is way out of character for who he is. Very pleased with how he has taken ownership," Swinney said. "He had a long bus ride home last night and plenty of time to think about it."