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Video: Dabo puts reporter on blast for "trying to create drama" with "baloney" questions for one of his players

After a question from the media began by asking about wide receiver Artavis Scott's "numbers being down" from last year, Dabo interrupted a reporter who continued with a question about Scott's touches being down and whether he was disappointed in that.

Dabo didn't bite his tongue, and instead put the reporter, and all other media in the room on blast.

"See, I don't understand why you all would ask that question. I really don't. He's the second leading receiver on the team. You know how many catches the leading receiver for this Pitt team has got? Like twenty-something."

"Why would we even ask that question? Are we trying to create some drama? That's baloney, that's what that is. That's trying to create some drama."

"I just don't understand why we ask that question. It's like 'we don't have any drama, so let's create some,'" Swinney added. "Don't put words in his mouth and lead him down that path."

Dabo continued on his tirade against the question, and all others like it, for another two minutes. Catch all its glory below.

I have a feeling coaches watching this, that have dealt with similar questions from the media and opted to bite their tongue and give a more politically correct answer, are sitting at their desk right now giving Dabo at least a bit of a golf clap, and maybe even a standing ovation.

I know I did. Bravo Dabo.