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Dabo: "Tonight it was 'BYOG' - bring your own guts"

Dabo's post game interview after his Clemson squad held off a late Notre Dame rally is going to live in infamy for years and years.

The conversation started off with traditional post game coach speak before changing tones.

"Hats off to Notre Dame, we had them down and they fought back, and that's what great teams do and they're well coached. But I'm just so proud of our team, and that's what it's all about."

"It ain't always perfect, but what I told 'em tonight was 'Listen, we give you scholarships, we give you stipends, and meals and a place to live. We give you nice uniforms...I can't give you guts, and I can't give you heart, and tonight, it was BYOG - bring your own guts - and they brought some guts and some heart and they never quit 'til the last play." Swinney explained passionately.

"And thank you to the good Lord, and my Dad, who was with me tonight." an emotional Swinney added.

I fully expect to see #BYOG added to recruiting fliers and on graphics around the facility very soon. God bless you Dabo.