South Florida is attempting to join the Big 12. I’ve outlined previously why they have a very low chance of actually joining but, hey, when 18 other schools are throwing their hats in the ring, why not?

The Bulls have prepared a package of materials that will reflect their university positively to the people that will decide their pitch’s fate, essentially the resume that will decide not just their own jobs’ fates, but that of the thousands that work, attend and play for the University of South Florida.

In short, it’s the type of thing you want to get right. Not the type of thing you’d like to misspell research while touting your prowess as a research university.

Check the first line of the second paragraph.


Again, this probably won’t cost the Bulls a chance to join the Big 12 — Houston, Cincinnati and/or BYU will likely do that for them — but, sheesh, here’s hoping this was just a rough draft.

(HT @TBTimes_Bulls)

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