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Dan Campbell's talk of taking kneecaps and stealing identities may make for the best presser of 2020-21

In his first interaction as the new leader of the Detroit Lions, Dan Campbell's introductory presser had social media buzzing with all kinds of popular sound bytes.

For starters, Campbell shared how attractive he found the opening in Detroit to be, even joking that he told his agent to tell Lions brass that he was a different Campbell that is often the subject of coaching rumors, just to get him in the door for an interview.

"I told my agent, Rick Smith, make sure they think I'm Matt Campbell. I think that's how this has really worked out for me."

Campbell's presser wasn't short on intense moments either and gained fans almost immediately for his transparent approach on having little use for coach-speak while at the podium.

"I wanted this job...bad. This place has been kicked. It's been battered. It's been bruised. I can give you coach-speak all day long, none of that matters. You've all had enough of that shit."

"This team is going to take on the identity of this city," Campbell then declared.

Campbell then shared an intense explanation that would make the mobsters of the Music City grin regarding his vision of Detroit Lions football under his leadership. It's something that social media immediately seemed to embrace, and the people of Detroit will surely do the same as the process begins, once again, to rebuild the team.

"We're going to kick you in the teeth. When you punch us back, we're going to smile at you. When you knock us down, we're going to get back up and on the way back up we're going to bite a kneecap off, and then we're going to stand up."

"Then it's going to take two more shots to knock us down, and on the way up we're going to take your other kneecap, and then we're going to get it and it will take three more shots to take us down and when we do, we're going to take another hunk out of you."

"Before long, we're going to be the last one standing. That is going to be the mentality."

After hearing that, some folks are ready to put that moment along other great coaching sound bytes we have grown to love and refer to, including famous ones from Denny Green, Jim More, Mike Singletary, and Herm Edwards.

I'm not sure I'm ready to put this one in that category just yet, but it is certainly in the running for the presser of the year from 2020-21.

Time will tell whether Campbell's unique, old school approach will work in Detroit, but all indications so far are that he's picking up fans with his first impressions.

Is that what the Lions have been missing? A lot of us are looking forward to finding that out.

Stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest, and see some of the reactions to Campbell's comments at his presser below.