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Video: Dan Mullen and DC Geoff Collins crash a class for a quick pep talk


Dan Mullen and his defensive coordinator Geoff Collins crashed a class taught by Professor Whit Waide Jr. recently to give his students a few quick words of wisdom as exam time approaches.

Coach Collins talks about how he preaches to his players the importance of "controlling what they can control" before getting the entire class going on a "PSYCHO....DEFENSE" chant, which is quite impressive.

Then Mullen takes center stage and talks about how professors like Whit Wiade Jr. and the university as a whole have contributed to their on the field success.

"I know professor Waide has been here much longer than I have, and made an impact on a lot more people than I have, but I know that he's also a major part of the success that we have here.

"With the help of Professor Waide, and the faculty, and the leadership of the whole university, everyone kind of starting to come together about how great we can be, and that is what it takes. If you're going to be great at anything, you've got to have a great plan, then you've got to have the people in place that believe in that plan and that are going to go get it done." Mullen tells the class.