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Dan Mullen: "Recruiting shouldn't be the purpose of camps"


Generally speaking, the summer football camp circuit is filled with camps that fit into one of three different categories; youth camps, skills camps, and exposure (or recruiting) camps.

On Head to Head radio yesterday, Dan Mullen voiced his opinion that camps should be focused on helping young players learn football fundamentals, not as an avenue to help coaches recruit. Not surprisingly, Mullen went on to take the customary SEC coaches shot toward Big Ten coaches who travel South to work satellite camps.

"The satellite camps, they're recruiting camps - basically it's a recruiting thing and a recruiting fair that they're doing."

"I'd imagine, Jim Harbaugh, if he's going to have a camp, would want to coach the kids in Michigan—the young kids in Michigan—maybe how to be better football players," Mullen added. "I'm sure they have one so why do they need one all over the place? The only purpose for it is recruiting. I don't think it's the right purpose for camps."

"We've probably had 1,000 kids on campus in camps and there's probably a couple guys who will be SEC players out of that group. But there's a lot of guys learning a lot of football. That's our job as coaches to promote the game and help people be better football players, not just to go out and go recruit."

A lot of guys will dismiss Mullen's comments as more smoke about satellite camps, but does he have a point? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @CoachSamz.

Listen to the whole interview below.