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Dan Mullen: "Want to thumb wrestle? I'm going to kick your ass. Go run stadium steps? I'll kick your ass"

Dan Mullen played an integral role in the pinnacle of Florida's success from 2005-2008 as the team's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, and now back in Gainesville as the head coach, he's trying to get the Gators back to that level of on-field success.

After having their 31-game win streak against Kentucky snapped week 2 of the season, Florida was able to rattle off five straight wins, including wins over ranked Mississippi State and LSU. However, after Saturday's loss to Missouri, the Gators are sitting at 6-3 and on a two game skid with three home games remaining - against South Carolina and Idaho at home, and then on the road against Florida State to end the year.

Following the Missouri loss, as his presser was wrapping up, Mullen passionately touched on the type of outlook the Gators need to get back on track and finish the year strong and used his own competitiveness as an example, challenging a reporter (in good fun) in the process.

"Everybody in that locker room, hopefully, play for each other, play for the Gators, play for the team. I'd be really disappointed if people didn't want to play for themselves. I mean, they keep score. Someone wins and someone loses."

"I don't care what we're doing. You want to thumb wrestle me right now? I'm going to kick your ass. Know what I mean? If you want to come on up, I gotcha. Want to go run stadiums? I'll kick your ass. If you're going to keep score and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose, I want to beat your ass."

That competitive nature was on full display just a few weeks ago when he and Vanderbilt's Derek Mason got in a heated midfield altercation.

"If we don't have that attitude in the locker room, we've got a problem. What are you doing? There's A LOT to play for, namely you put the ball down next week and someone is winning and someone is losing on that field. If that ain't enough, boy!"

See Mullen's full response in the clip.