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Dana Holgorsen: "We practice hard. I don't think that's happened around here in a while."

Dana Holgorsen's decision to leave a Power Five program for an upper-echelon Group of Five school puzzled many this past off season, but when you consider he left West Virginia for one of the country's most fertile recruiting territories and a place with a Power Five-like commitment to football, it starts to make some sense.

Holgo steps in after the program had been led by Major Applewhite for two seasons, who had served with the offensive coordinator under Tom Herman before getting the promotion. Applewhite went 15-11 in two seasons, including an absolute 70-14 drubbing by Army in their bowl game this past season before the school went out and nabbed Holgo.

From the sounds of things, a lot is changing under Holgo's leadership, and he shared a soundbyte with reporters that is, well...interesting to say the least.

Holgo didn't hold anything back when talking with reporters as the first week of camp came to a close.

"I think it's a little uncharted territory for them a bit," Holgosen shared with a grin.

"We practice hard, we coach hard, we practice hard. I don't think that's happened around here in a while," he went on to share before adding that they've got a lot of guys seeing the trainer right now.

Saying you practice harder than the last regime that was in...ok. But to also throw in that you coach hard too and that doesn't seem like it's been done there in a few years? If that's not shots fired, I'm not sure what is.

Hear more from Holgo below.