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Dana Holgorsen's house is one of a kind. Literally.


Whatever you imagine Dana Holgorsen's house to be - made completely out of Red Bull cans, built entirely underground, a replica casino - it's better than that. His house is indeed mind-blowing, but not in the way you might suspect.

Morgantown magazine recently profiled Holgorsen's domicile, and to write about Dana's house is to write about the other Holgorsens - father Steve and brother Nick. Together with German native Ralf Meier, their company LignaTerra has turned Dana's house into the first cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure in the United States. Checking in at 8,000 square feet, the house is ferociously efficient. The timber used to construct the house was made in a factory over a period of two days, and built in 15 days. The guest suite was constructed in one day. "Because most of this process is done in a factory, it’s very precise. There is zero tolerance in the wood elements. You can pre-order all of your windows and doors, your cabinetry, and all of that can be done at the same time. When you ship to the site and you piece it together, it’s exact," said Nick. "It’s like Legos for adults."

Holgorsen's aggressively modern, custom-built home was also designed to work seamlessly with his job. The highlight of the home is the bottom floor, which Dana says can host 300 people comfortably. "(Recruits) absolutely love it. On one of the last big recruiting trips (last year) just prior to signing day, some of them we got to commit said the highlight of the weekend was being able to go to Coach’s house," said Steve.

"I’m so happy with the quality, the efficiency, and performance of the house, and the design functionality for when it comes time to entertain friends and family, alumni and boosters," added Dana.

Photos courtesy Morgantown magazine:

Dana house1

Holgorsen requested three TVs at no less than 55 inches for his basement. He got six.

Dana house2

Many of the interior design pieces were provided by Morgantown-based Hardwood Interiors.

Dana house3

Holgorsen says his utility bills at his 8,000-square foot home are less than the home he owned in Houston that measured in at one quarter of the size. Its system for churning old air for clean air was described as an "energy-efficient envelope." 

Dana house4

The guest suite was built in one day.

Dana house5

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