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Dana Holgorsen says he "easily" has the edge over Ed Orgeron when it comes to caffeine

The coaching profession loves their caffeine unlike any other line of work I have ever been around.

Whether it's hot or iced coffee, or something of the carbonated variety like Monster or Red Bull, coaches consume caffeine at a rate that warrants some staffs (like Minnesota with Caribou Coffee or GT with Waffle House) to exploring partnering with brands.

When it comes to Red Bull though, two coaches come to mind - Ed Oregeron at LSU and Dana Holgorsen at Houston. There are piles and piles of stories floating around featuring those two coaches and their affinity for the drink that gives you wings.

Back in May of 2017, when asked on a radio show about him limitless energy, Orgeron shared that it was not uncommon for him to down 8-10 energy drinks in a day. A year later, when asked about those comments, coach O shared that he had cut back on that quite a bit, and during last year's NFL combine defensive back Greedy Williams shared a story of The legend of Ed Orgeron and energy drinks grows with recent story shared at NFL combine

" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Orgeron crushing a full, unopened Red Bull on his chest to fire up the team.

In a recent interview with Stadium, Holgo was asked about his affinity for Red Bull (at about the 3 minute mark of the clip) and how Orgeron used to down 8-10 in a day.

Despite the size advantage, Holgo believes he could take coach O in that contest head-to-head.

"Yeah, I can beat that pretty easily," Holgo shared with a smile. "He's a lot bigger dude than I am, and I wouldn't challenge him to a fight or anything like that, but I can chug way more than Ed if I need to."

Holgo went on to share that he cut way back on energy drinks during COVID and during the stay-at-home order and went on a bit of a health kick. But since being back around football more, he's reverted back to some of those old energy drink habits.

"I went about four months without one, but now that we're back in the heat of the battle and we've got games going on and all that stuff I am back to drinking, probably a few too many of them."

See the full interview below.