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Dave Aranda shares Baylor's unique perspective that allowed them to play penalty free Saturday

Dave Aranda's Baylor squad played a rare penalty free game on Saturday against BYU, and it starts with a unique perspective at how they look at sport.

On Saturday, second-year Baylor head coach Dave Aranda's team did something most coaches only dream of.

Not only did they hand a top-25 BYU team just their second loss of the season with a dominant 38-24 performance, Aranda's Bears went the entire game without a single penalty flag.

"I think it's a good step. We talk about it quite a bit, looking at sport as a way to master yourself, that is our approach."

"I think for any type of self mastery, there has to be a craft that you work. I think the harder the craft, especially the harder the craft, brings out that mastery of self if you look at it like that."

"Football is hard, especially when you don't look at it that way. It's more of an outlet. It's more of 'I'm pissed off at life and I'm going to take it all out when I'm playing football."

"To flip that around is difficult. So I appreciate their understanding and them listening to all of it, because it means a lot to me."

Hear Aranda's full response in the clip.