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Dave Clawson explains what tipped Wake Forest off they'd been compromised

Wakeyleaks is the biggest ongoing scandal in college football going today, with Louisville admitting they accepted stolen information and not caring and the ACC conducting an investigation into the matter.

On Friday, Wake head coach Dave Clawson explained on Mike & Mike how the Demon Deacons learned they'd been compromised and how it affected their Nov. 12 game:


Keep in mind Wake Forest arrived in Louisville at 6-3 on the season and 3-2 in ACC play, clinging to an outside shot at winning the ACC championship. The Deacons led 12-0 late in the second quarter before Lamar Jackson and the Cardinals raced for a 44-12 win.

We can't say definitively one way or the other whether Wake would have won the game given the opportunity to run the offense it prepared to run -- and that's the problem. The Deacons never had a chance to present their best chance to beat Louisville, because Tommy Elrod stole that chance from them and Louisville coaches were complicit in that theft.

Wake Forest would go on to lose its final two games of the regular season -- falling 35-13 to Clemson and 17-14 to Boston College. They'll finish the 2016 season against Temple in the Dec. 27 Military Bowl.


Wake Forest coach Dave Clawson with @MikeAndMike this morning, on what was found at Louisville

— Eric Crawford (@ericcrawford) December 16, 2016

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