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Dave Clawson pens letter to injured Syracuse player

Wake Forest won't see Syracuse until one of their final games of the season, but this is an absolute class act move from Dave Clawson.

Longtime Kansas State leader Bill Snyder was known for writing hand written letters to players over the years, even long after letters went out of style.

Dave Clawson recently felt compelled to tear a page out of that same book.

Over the last several years, Clawson has admired the type of player Chris Elmore is on the field, in part because the unselfish Elmore has played wherever the Orangemen need him including defensive line, offensive line, tight end and even some fullback during his time with the program. 

Sadly, Elmore suffered an injury during their week one game against Louisville that doctors have determined will end the season of the sixth-year senior.

Wake won't see Syracuse on the field until November 19th, but that didn't stop Clawson from picking up a pen and sharing some thoughts with a heartbroken Elmore upon hearing the sad news.

The letter reads:

Chris - 

I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am to hear about your injury. I have watched you perform at Syracuse over your entire career and have been constantly impressed with the type of football player and teammate you are.

Your versatility and unselfish team-first attitude is so obvious. I have seen you play DL, OL, TE, FB and so many critical roles on special teams. I have talked about you to our team about the special qualities you must possess to fill all of those roles at such a high level!

I wish you all the best in your recovery.

Dave Clawson
Head FB Coach - Wake Forest

In a day and age where so few of us get heartfelt and hand written letters from people admiring from afar, let this serve as a great reminder of how powerful they can be.

Tip of the cap to Dave Clawson for taking the time to do this.