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David Beaty is suing Kansas....and you gotta see this

New Kansas director of athletics Jeff Long fired head football coach David Beaty in November. At that time, Jeff Long announced the school would fulfill its requirement to buyout Beaty's contract to the tune of $3 million.

Today, word is breaking that Beaty is suing the University, alleging breach of contract & unpaid wages.

The details are just beginning to emerge; but you have to see this part. Beaty alleges based on Jeff Long's promises he agreed to stay on through the end of the season; but once that happened Beaty claims "Kansas Athletics officials immediately began discussing what it would take to avoid the $3 million payout, emphasizing the need to find 'something' on Beaty such as 'a dead hooker in [his] closet'.

The suit alleges that shortly after KU announced the firing that Jeff Long met with multiple KU employees to discuss potential ways they could avoid paying Beaty. Shortly thereafter the suit says the University notified the NCAA of a "self-initiated NCAA investigation being conducted - not by the NCAA - but by Kansas Athletics' corporate counsel looking into impropriety involving a former assistant coach."

The lawsuit states that the potential violation would have taken place between the '17 and '18 seasons and involved a member of Beaty's staff.

The suit states that KU contacted Beaty in December to inform him that they were not intending to make the previously agreed to buyout payments and that KU does not intend to make any payments until they conclude their own investigation.

For what it is worth, Beaty is well known within the profession as a stand up human being. What is happening here KU???

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Update> Kansas has now commented on the matter.

Going with "good faith". Hmm. Ok KU, ok.

Update>>Kansas has now released an amended statement on the matter, citing some potential NCAA violations that came to light during normal exit interviews of all coaches and staff.