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David Cutcliffe on how technology has changed college football


Duke head coach David Cutcliffe has been coaching for nearly forty years. He is renowned for his "play book" which is basically a calendar for the next 365 days showing what every coach, player and administrator needs to do, by day, by practice, by hour, by period and so on for their program to succeed.

The man obsesses over details because he knows how important they are to building a successful program. Cutcliffe loves efficiency. If there is a better way to do something, he wants to learn how, understand why they weren't doing this in the first place, and then implement the improvements as effectively as possible. In short, Cut does it right and is always looking to do it better.

Cutcliffe understands that without great people, few organizations can thrive. Accordingly, Cutcliffe has always set out to hire the best possible people for his programs. "Once you hire great people, I think the biggest thing is keeping those people on task and pointed in the right direction."

The video above, produced by Teamworks, shows Cut discussing how he feels Teamworks helps Duke football be such an efficiently run and well-organized program. Cutcliffe closes with, "Surround yourself with great people and have great organization and that's how you win."

Have a listen as Cutcliffe describes the importance that he places on "seconds, not just minutes." The lesson here, for all coaches, is to use technology to create efficiencies and improve your program.

That is how you build - and maintain - a winning program.