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David Cutcliffe says offensive linemen are "the greatest humans in football"

Numerous studies and reports have shown offensive linemen are the smartest players in football, on top of being the best looking. (And also the most humble.) The big brutes up front are unquestionably the most selfless players in the most selfless game on the planet, sacrificing their bodies so their teammates can shine.

This is something every person who's ever played the game intrinsically knows, but few are brave enough to say. Fear of angering the Glory Boy Quarterbacks or the powerful, deep pocketed Defensive Line Lobby have driven many would-be truth tellers into hiding, but Duke head coach David Cutcliffe isn't afraid to speak the truth.

"They're the greatest humans in football," he said. "They have no official statistic. Think about it. We make them up. What do we call them, pancake blocks? Come on, man. That doesn't show up in the stats. D-linemen get hurries, they get sacks, they get fumble recoveries.... You know what (offensive linemen) care about? Their team. The scoreboard is the only stat they pay attention to."

Speaking as a former offensive lineman and behalf of all my brothers in arms, I humbly accept Cut's compliment. What he said is true and everyone knows it, most of all the ball hog quarterbacks and the jealous d-linemen.