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A day in the life of Kliff Kingsbury

Texas Tech had its cameras follow Kliff Kingsbury through a day of working during fall camp, and it's an enlightening experience. The particular day they chose was Day 2 of a stretch of back-to-back two-a-day practices, and that physical grind was on the Texas Tech head coach's mind throughout the entire day.

From a 7:30 a.m. team meeting through the end of a 4:15 p.m. practice, we see Kingsbury constantly do three things and three things only (and they all happen to start with the letter E): energize, educate and edify. In one scene, he's trying to make sure his players are energize and enthused for practice. In another, he's instructing a quarterback or a wide receiver on how to make a play. In a third, he's encouraging a player or a facility staff member.

These nine minutes make it clear why Kingsbury is beloved by his players.