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Dean Smith left something special in his will for all his former players


Sport aside, former North Carolina legendary basketball coach Dean Smith is an icon that transcends the coaching profession. The man won 879 games, served as a head coach at one institution for over 35 years, and mentored the lives of countless young men, along with a lengthy list of various other accomplishments.

The impact he had on players, coaches, and complete strangers before his passing simply cannot be measured.

Earlier today, the following picture started to make its rounds on Twitter, illustrating that Smith is making an impact, even after his physical presence has left this earth.

It's not often that you see a head coach with a resume like Smith's reach out to every single one of his former players like this.

Just when you thought the legend of Dean Smith couldn't get any bigger, or more unbelievable. What a great gesture from a legend who already had a firm place in the history of great coaches, and people.