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Decision on Clay Helton's future won't come from interim AD

Despite winning 10 and 11 games in his first two full seasons leading the USC program Clay Helton was considered by most to be on the hot seat after a disappointing 5-7 third season.

Then, three years after taking over as the athletic director, Lynn Swann announced his resignation back on September 9th, and Dave Roberts stepped in as the interim athletic director.

Currently sitting at 3-2, with losses to BYU and Washington, the verdict remains week-to-week on Helton's future leading the program. But one thing is now clear, a decision on whether Helton will continue to lead the Trojans won't come from interim AD Roberts.

Roberts shared the following with the LA Times:

“If a change was to be made, it would probably be the province of a new athletic director, not Dave Roberts,” the interim athletic director said of Helton. “But like I said, Clay is going to stand or fall on his record. So I mean, if he has a very successful season, I think he’ll be in good stead. If he doesn’t have a great season, the new AD is going to have to make that determination.

“I think it’s a fair statement to say that between now and the end of the season, unless something extraordinary happened, Dave Roberts isn’t going to be stepping in there, making the decision that really I think would be the province of a new AD.”

Roberts goes on to add in the article that the situation is unique in that he doesn't want actions taken by him to tie the hands of a yet-to-be-named athletic director. It's clear, Roberts wants any decision on Helton to be made by the new leader of athletics.

Of course, USC President Carol Folt could always step in and make the decision to move in another direction, but Folt doesn't have a history of getting too involved in the athletics side of things.

The Trojans hit the road to take on a top 10 Notre Dame squad this weekend, in what will be a big match up for those keeping an eye on things in Southern California.

Head over to the LA Times to read their full take, with more from Roberts.

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