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Tom Herman's unofficial approval rating from the Houston fan base? 99.5%


One of the many advantages of Twitter is with a few keystrokes you have access to an outlet that can give you instant feedback from the masses.

So when word started to leak yesterday that Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman would be the new head coach at Houston, beat writer Joseph Duarte decided to use Twitter to get a pulse from Cougar Nation on how they felt about the hire.

To say that the results of the poll were decisive would be the understatement of the year.

Of the 225 people that read Duarte's tweet and decided to take a second to respond, 224 of them (99.5%) felt it was a great hire for Houston. As we've pointed out numerous times over the past week or so, we couldn't agree more. Think back to hires of the past 5-7 years and it would be tough to find another hire with that kind of approval rate from a fan base. That reassurance from the fan base is just the icing on the cake for a seven day stretch that Herman will never forget.