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Deion: I haven't talked to Florida State about the job, but I want it

Last week, word -- and the Internet -- broke when it was reported that Deion Sanders had emerged as a candidate for the vacant Florida State job. Now, it must be noted, noted again and noted some more that that report emerged from NFL Network, where Deion works, and has yet to be corroborated by any other outlets. The Tallahassee Democrat, ostensibly speaking on behalf of the athletics department, specifically came out and knocked it down.

And now, Sanders was asked about that report, from NFL Network and no one else, on NFL Network. Wearing that Deion smile and a gold PRIME chain around his neck, he said this:

"I have not spoken to anyone from Florida State regarding this. But let me assure you, I am 100 percent -- 100 percent -- desiring to coach at the next level. And I will."

Now, I know you're a smart person and you don't need me to tell you this, but it's impossible for Deion or anyone else to become Florida State's head coach without speaking to Florida State first. It's simply not possible. Saying otherwise is like saying the only thing stopping myself and Taylor Swift from dating is that she hasn't called me. (Well, that and the fact that I'm married. Sorry, Taylor.)

The Florida State job is open. There are no norms stopping from the Seminoles from talking to Deion or anyone else they're interested in to fill it. Florida State AD David Coburn is actively shopping this position, and he says he'd like it filled quickly.

If Deion has not talked to Florida State about the very-open job of Seminoles head coach, it means Deion is not going to be the next Seminoles head coach.

Even if it was fun to pretend otherwise for a few minutes.