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Deion Sanders says he's glad 'no one dropped the bag' to disrupt Jackson State's recruiting

Sanders also revealed he had interviews with three Power 5 programs

Deion Sanders never minced his words as a player, NFL commentator nor in the 15-plus months since he was hired as Jackson State’s head football coach.

As Sanders discussed on radio with Dan Le Batard his Tigers’ national-attention-getting recruiting success in this 2022 cycle, the former Florida State All-American and Pro Football Hall of Famer again did not hold back – particularly as it pertained to Jackson State’s signing of Travis Hunter, a consensus five-star prospect who long had been committed to Sanders’ alma mater.

“Unbelievable, man. It was unbelievable,” Sanders told Le Batard. “I knew a week, two weeks before, that it was real. It was going to be what it was. But you’re still anticipating that day. You’re praying that no one comes in and drops off a bag (of cash). (Laughs).

“I put cornerbacks out there on the block, on the corner, to make sure nobody come down the street and drop a bag. Make sure no one drops a bag; that’s the only dern thing that could get in the way.cWe did it, man. My staff was wonderful, they did it. Travis is on campus already doing his thing. He wants it, man. That’s the kind of kid that wants it. He’s not settling with being the No. 1 kid coming out (of high school), he wants to be that guy and live up to those expectations.”

Sanders also used the interview to shoot down any future interest of coaching in the NFL – but Sanders revealed insight into his conversations with multiple Power 5 collegiate programs.

“I interviewed for, I think, three Power 5 jobs, and I should have got them,” Sanders said. “I was very, very, very good if I may say in the interviews. I balled. One of the interviews I was so dern good, the guy asked me could I start, when could I start. At the conclusion of the interview, I’m not lying, when could you really start.

“And I told him when it was possible and they went in another direction. I wasn’t upset, that just means that God wanted me to continue to be at Jackson State.”

Sanders demurred when Le Batard insisted that Sanders would be named Florida State’s head coach when that position next opened.

“I don’t know about that, I don’t know about that one. I don’t know about that,” Sanders said. “I don’t want to coach pros. I’m not a pro guy, I don’t have patience for rich guys with problems. I don’t have patience for that. I don’t have patience for rich guys who don’t want to stay rich and continue to earn a check. I can’t do it.

“Because I would be sitting right up there by the office where they go get their checks watching them every Tuesday. [Saying] ‘You really gonna reach in there and get your check after what you just did on Sunday?’ I’m that kind of guy, I’m going to call it like I see it. It would be tough for me.”