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Deion Sanders getting his own documentary series at Jackson State

Before he became Jackson State's head coach last fall, Deion Sanders worked for a media company. Offered a pay cut to remain with NFL Network, where he'd worked since 2007, the Pro Football Hall of Famer instead left the NFL's in-house network to work for Barstool Sports last August.

When he was hired by Jackson State the following month, it was made clear his Barstool work would continue. In fact, the arrangement was always presented as Jackson State being the party borrowing Deion from his primary employer, Barstool, and not, you know, a Division I university giving its permission for its head football coach to keep his high-profile, attention-gobbling side gig.

Either way the parties want to slice it, Deion works for Jackson State and Barstool, and so it only makes sense to combine the two jobs into one piece of #content.

Deion will be the subject of "Coach Prime," a documentary series that follows him through his first season at Jackson State.

The project is a joint venture between Barstool and SMAC Entertainment, a Michael Strahan-run company that produced Deion's 30 for 30 documentary "Deion's Double Play," which focused on him playing for the Atlanta Braves and Falcons at the same time.

"Highlighting often overlooked and underfunded HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), the series will focus on Sanders’ mission to level the playing field for Jackson State while showcasing the rich diversity, tradition, and culture only experienced at an HBCU," the press release said.

Whether the Coach Prime's Tigers go undefeated or winless, "Coach Prime" will be an interesting watch. But for Coach Prime, the man, needs to be a success, or else "Coach Prime" will be nothing more than a day-to-day document of his failures.