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Advice for your freshmen: "When you don't understand the terms, become tactical"



Derek Mason is one of 20 new FBS head coaches leading new programs through fall camp. Over the coming days and weeks he's evaluating his new roster of players for the first time in pads, which prompts countless questions from every beat reporter wondering "How does so-and-so look so far?"

Yesterday at practice Mason was asked a question along those lines about a newly arrived freshman, and his response could not have been phrased any better, and is a message fitting for freshman everywhere as you begin camp.

"When these guys press a little bit, they all want to have a great showing, but it's not about pressing, it's about letting the game come to you."

"Football is a game that's meant to be played. You dictate the terms when you understand what the terms are. When you don't know what the terms are, you become tactical and you understand what your job is and you lead the men around you to do theirs. That's what we need from those guys right now."