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Despite losing two coordinators, LSU will pay its coaches far more in 2020 than 2019

LSU is continuing to pass out the spoils of victory, as the defending national champions confirmed a series of raises for Ed Orgeron's assistants.

As first reported by The Athletic's Brody Miller and The Advocate's Brooks Kubena, offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger earned a raise from $800,000 to $1 million, with a contract extension through 2022.

Safeties coach Bill Busch and offensive line coach James Cregg received raises and extensions through the 2021 season.

Those raises complete the compensation structure for LSU's 2020 staff, which saw Bo Pelini replace Dave Aranda as defensive coordinator, Scott Linehan replace Joe Brady as passing game coordinator, Kevin Faulk get promoted from the off-field staff to running backs coach to replace Tommie Robinson, and Bill Johnson replace Dennis Johnson as LSU's full-time defensive line coach.

Combined with Ed Orgeron's raise from $4 to $6 million and Bo Pelini's massive salary as defensive coordinator, LSU will pay an additional $2.93 million to its 11 on-the-field coaches compared to what it paid in 2020. This is despite the fact Aranda was the highest-paid assistant in college football, and Robinson the highest-paid running backs coach.

Even removing Orgeron's $2 million raise still nets a $932,500 increase for LSU's assistant coaches.


2019 Salary

2020 Salary


Ed Orgeron (HC)

$4 million

$6 million

$2 million (50%)

Bo Pelini (DC)

$2.5 million*

$2.3 million

-$200,000 (-8%)

Steve Ensminger (OC)


$1 million

$200,000 (25%)

Scott Linehan (PGC)



$397,000 (97%)

James Cregg (OL)



$172,000 (35%)

Corey Raymond (CBs/RC)



$122,000 (27%)

Bill Johnson (DL)



$368,500 (175%)

Bill Busch (S)



$22,000 (5%)

Greg McMahon (STs)



-$3,000 (-0.7%)

Mickey Joseph (WRs/Asst. HC)



$97,000 (31%)

Kevin Faulk (RBs)



-$243,000 (-41%)


$10.645 million

$13.5775 million

$2.9325 million (28%)

* Represents salary for staff member no longer on LSU staff
+ Worked on an interim basis in 2019

The $13.5775 million figure places LSU behind Clemson and barely ahead of Ohio State in college football's most exclusive neighborhood. (We don't yet know how much Alabama will pay everyone in 2020.)

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