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Details as to why Scott Cochran left Alabama

The whisper in the profession a few months back was that Lane Kiffin might just hire Scott Cochran away from Alabama. At the time, the common thinking was Lane was looking to strike a blow to a divisional rival and this would be a financial windfall for Cochran.

The move never materialized; and most assumed Cochran's loyalty to Saban was the reason why.

Fast forward to today and we see that the smoke was real; but the conventional thinking wasn't really on point in this case.

The guys at (John Talty and Matt Zenitz) pulled back the curtain on why Cochran left and it is a very revealing look. We encourage you to read their work.

It turns out Cochran took a look at quite a number of other jobs over the past few months; and ultimately took a pay cut to join the staff at Georgia in an on the field role.

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If you haven't already, seriously, go read the article on