Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Kentucky Christian (NAIA) offensive coordinator Ryan Freeman (who is just 25 years old) schemed up a throwback lateral screen to their center for a TD.

We hear the center now wants some playing time at tight end, and is using this as his audition tape. [Note: Every center wants playing time at tight end.] 

Full length video is even better.

Appalachian State shifts to make the long snapper eligible on 4th-and-1.


Texas Tech used the old “swinging gate” formation to sneak in for two points against Kansas.

Utah tried to lateral a kick off in the end zone, and it resulted in a safety.

South Florida pulled out a jet sweep pass to take the lead against UConn.LSU executed the flea flicker to perfection for a huge gain LSUFleaFlicker USC pulled off a nice little double pass against Notre Dame

Chances are good you saw the end result of this one (likely the catch of the year in college football) from Thursday, but the trick play’s design is worth revisiting.

And from the “that didn’t work like we planned” category we have this crazy shift from the Colts vs. Patriots game last night.