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Dino Babers won't have a dull weekend

So this week started out with a bang for Dino Babers.

First, Sunday evening Josh Newberg and Ryan Bartow of 247 Sports reported that Dino was expected to be the next head coach at UCF. Shortly thereafter, Steven Godfrey of SB Nation confirmed the report:

Later that night Dan Wolken of USA Today and local reporters relayed that these reports were inaccurate. Dino, whose team plays this NIU Friday in the MAC championship game, was not pleased. Listen to the first minute of this video...

There was speculation that the reason Dino had not accepted the position at UCF was one of timing, related to the fact that his buyout would step down by $100,000 today.

However, as we all now know, the reports were simply inaccurate. Not timing related, just not right. Danny White offered the job to Scott Frost and Frost quickly accepted.

So, where are things now with Dino Babers. Well, first he has a football game to coach in 72 hours. Thereafter...well that's where things become a bit more grey. Sources tell FootballScoop that Babers has spoken with Missouri AD Mack Rhoades. We are also told that Maryland's interest in Babers is growing. Could Syracuse call on him too? Wouldn't rule that out just yet.

Matt Campbell coached his final game of the season and within hours was deeply engaged in conversation with Iowa State's AD. We don't know how quickly those conversations begin with Babers; but it is a safe bet he won't be taking a nap Saturday afternoon.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest news.