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Division II moving to get rid of two-a-days, too

In line with Division III's move to eliminate two-a-day practices, the NCAA announced Thursday that the Division II Management Council voted on Tuesday to also eliminate multiple practices in a single day.

The D2 Council made the move to fall in alignment with recommendations from the NCAA Sport Science Institute, the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports and, the NCAA says, more than 20 other organizations.

“We’re thankful for this research and want to make sure we respond in a timely manner to implement these suggestions,” Alaska-Fairbanks AD and D2 Management Council chair Gary Gray said. “This emergency legislation will be helpful in creating a better environment for student-athletes.”

The rule is classified as "emergency legislation" and therefor eligible for implementation for the 2017 season, provided the Division II Presidents Council ratifies the change at its April 25-26 meetings. The rule would have to be approved for permanent use by the Division II membership at the NCAA Convention in January.

To accommodate for the change, the NCAA says it will move the first day of practice forward by three days. Teams may now begin to practice on Aug. 7 or seven days before classes begin -- whichever comes first.