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The Division III level will no longer be allowed to conduct two-a-day practices

In a relatively big move for coaches and programs across the country, the Division III management council has voted to no longer allow Division III programs two-a-day practices, effective immediately.

The decision was made citing "the most up-to-date consensus from leading medical groups and football coaching organizations," according to an official release from the NCAA.

So while a second contact practice will no longer be allowed on the same day, teams will be allowed to conduct a walk-through session, provided that athletes are allowed a three-hour recovery period.

With coaches and programs losing a significant chunk of practice time now with a short window of time to get ready between the start of their fall camp and their first games, the NCAA has offered a temporary solution:

"To account for the practice time lost due to the elimination of two-a-day practices, the Management Council also recommended a one-time blanket waiver that would remove the prohibition on athletically related activity during the two days before the first permissible practice date for football in 2017. The Presidents Council will act on the recommendation later this month.

The waiver does not permit schools to provide expenses to student-athletes earlier than is permitted already, citing the financial burden such an extension would place on some Division III colleges and universities. Schools, though, already are permitted to provide expenses on those two days, so the waiver offers additional practice opportunities while minimizing the financial impact on institutions. The waiver does not require schools to engage in athletically related activity on those two days."

I remember hearing stories from upperclassmen during my days as a small college player about their dreaded three-a-day practices, until rule changes made that illegal and made programs install a one day buffer between two-a-day practices was instituted, and now two-a-days altogether will become part of those "remember when..." stories for today's athletes when they reflect back on their playing days.

Head over to the official NCAA release to read more.