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Division III has its own Wakeyleaks scandal brewing

Division III has its own Wakeyleaks scandal brewing, but this time the leak was coming from inside the house.

An email containing a PowerPoint presentation on Wisconsin-Whitewater's coverage scheme against a number of opponents was emailed to two of those opponents, according to documents obtained by the Lacrosse (Wis.) Tribune.

Craig Smith, a former Wisconsin-Whitewater offensive coordinator whose contract was not renewed after the 2017 season, sent the PowerPoint to University of Dubuque employee Nelson Edmonds, also a former Whitewater assistant coach. Edmonds then forwarded the PowerPoint to Dubuque head coach Stan Zweifel, who forwarded the email to Wisconsin-La Crosse head coach Mike Schmidt, who forwarded it amongst his offensive staff.

"Keep this on the down low please," Schmidt wrote in forwarding the email to his staff. Attachment to the email show the slides contained the rules for Whitewater's various coverages, plus principles for different blitzes and other specialty situations.

It is not clear when Smith sent the initial email to Edmonds or when Edmonds sent it to the Dubuque head coach Zweifel, but Zweifel forwarded the presentation to Schmidt on Aug. 22 and Schmidt sent it to his staff on Sept. 17, a week before La Crosse played Whitewater. (Dubuque played Whitewater to open the 2018 season.)

What is clear is that the leaked information did not help either squad. Whitewater defeated Dubuque and La Crosse by a combined score of 68-13.

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