Does college football need a commissioner?

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Adam Rittenberg with ESPN has a nice article this morning looking at the arguments for and against the idea of having a commissioner / czar (I just like the czar title better) of college football.

In his article, Rittenberg looks more specifically at the idea of having a commissioner just for the Power 5 as well. I encourage you to read and think through the issues. No easy answer; but clearly change is coming.

One nugget that stuck with me, because I've also heard it first hand so often, was this:

Getting the coaches involved is a major challenge. When Bowlsby addressed FBS coaches at the AFCA Convention in January, he saw a "very low understanding" of time-demand items that were set to be approved days later at the NCAA convention. (The proposals ultimately were tabled.)

Asked if coaches understand how to get more involved in the national legislative process, Notre Dame's Brian Kelly replied, "No idea. I'm the head coach at Notre Dame, and I have no idea. Zero."

"The communication is not very good, obviously," Kelly continued. "There's great information that needs to be discussed. We haven't figured out how to get everybody together."

As we've suggested in the past (and largely self-serving; but also unsurpassed effectiveness at reaching the desired audience)... allow me to once again suggest that all proposed rule changes (written in plain english) be posted on a minimum of 30 days before any proposed votes. All in favor....

Now, go read Rittenberg's article.